Misc. And other

Our misc section includes projects we have done to either support a cause or something that has been a result of our free time. Great things have come out of our ideas, and this doesn't always have to be commercial or related to a commercial cause. For example, as open source developers we see a light for commercial use in our projects. This is however not the case for our misc projects. Here, we display things we do with absolute no commercial value. Enjoy!

  • FIFA Squad Builder

    FIFA squad builder is a pet project that lets you build a FIFA team and experiment with various chemistry, rating settings. The tool is built for ease of use and was a result of the need of a simpler FIFA squad builder. Absolutely free to use and distribute. Enjoy!

  • Gesture Handler - Nadir Hamid

    This was Nadir Hamid's Gesture Handler at a Hackathon event in Raleigh, NC. It was developed to provide a alternative approach to VoIP based call control, message control, by using Human Interactions.